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Stay at Wiley Creek’s Lodges

If you are coming from far away or looking for more than a morning hunt in Georgia, Wiley Creek Duck Preserve is pleased to offer on-site accommodations for up to 16 guests at one of our fully furnished guest lodges. Depending on the size of your group, and other reservations, guests will be assigned a room in one of three lodges upon check-in:

The Barn Apartment (Above the Main Barn)

  • A fully furnished Two Bedroom, one bath, lodge with a full kitchen. This lodge also has a large living room with satellite TV and dining area that surrounds you with numerous trophies from previous hunting trips.

The Main Guest House

  • A fully furnished Four Bedroom, 2.5 bath house complete with a pool table and HDTV.
  • Five guest rooms below the barn each have 2 double/twin beds and bathrooms.
  • By staying on-site, you can wake up later and still enjoy a great hunt without having to drive in. The day before your hunt, guests are welcome to arrive any time after 3:00pm. Guests are free to spend some time exploring the ranch, shooting skeet, fishing in our stocked Catch/Release ponds (Bass & Catfish), watching HDTV in the Pavilion, simply enjoy the breath-taking views. Rates to stay on-site are $100 per person and include dinner the night before your hunt.
  • We encourage all hunters to bring their own bird dog.  Kennels are available if needed.

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