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The Hunt

Wiley Creek hunts are enjoyable for sportsmen of all types. Whether you are a first time waterfowl hunter, or an avid outdoorsman honing your shot before your next big trip, Wiley Creek Duck Preserve will provide you with a great experience. 

  • A duck stamp is not needed, but you are required to have a GA Hunting License or a Preserve License. The DNR now requires preserve licenses to be obtained directly by the hunter. Wiley Creek will no longer have the permits available. To obtain your preserve license, please contact the DNR directly at 1-800-366-2661, or visit You will need to present your license at Wiley Creek for verification before the hunt.
  • We will go over the basics of gun safety with you prior to the hunt.
  • Wiley Creek maintains pits and blinds that are on the banks of our ponds or flooded fields of corn, bean, and millet.
  • Ammunition (Winchester Steel #2 steel Shot 3″ Shells) is included in your hunting package.
  • No waders needed – All of our blinds are dry. But dress in camouflaged layers as the temperature is rarely constant.
  • Shotgun (Pump or Semi-Automatic) are available to rent for $25 per hunt.
  • Most guests will select from one of two mallard hunting packages: Overnight or Drive-In.

Overnight Hunting Package


4 Bird Limit ($50 per bird over the limit included in the package up to 6 ducks)

The Overnight Hunting Package provides you with the same wonderful experience the Drive-in guests enjoy, plus a great evening in one of the Wiley Creek lodges and an extra bit of sleep before the morning hunt.

  • Guests are welcome to arrive any time after 3:00 p.m. the day before their hunt.
  • Spend some time exploring the ranch, shooting skeet ($30/round), fishing in our catch/release ponds, relaxing in the game room in the barn that features shuffleboard, darts, & pool table, or simply enjoy the breath-taking views.
  • The Overnight Package also includes appetizers followed by a hearty dinner.
  • After dinner, guests are welcome to continue leisure activities of their choice before calling it a night in one of Wiley Creek’s two lodges.
  • Guests wake up and make the short walk to the Pavilion about 1 hour before Sunrise. We will gather with the Drive-in Hunters in the Pavilion for coffee, pastries, as we finalize paperwork and provide a safety demonstration.
  • The hunt for the overnight hunters will be the same as mentioned above for the drive-in hunts.

Drive-In Hunting Package


4 Bird Limit ($50 per bird over the limit included in the package up to 6 ducks)

The Drive-In Hunting Package provides you a world class duck hunting experience without having to leave Metro Atlanta.

  • Guests must arrive at Wiley Creek in Waleska, Georgia 1 hour before sunrise. We will gather in the Pavilion for coffee and pastries as we finalize paperwork, verify hunting licenses, and provide a safety demonstration.
  • Each guest will be provided enough steel shells for the hunt. This helps us ensure the safety of our guests and birds. Once complete, the guests will be dropped off within 50 yards of their blind.  
  • As the sun rises, the birds will start to fly. We welcome you to call the birds in as they search for their next meal.
  • After a hunter reaches his limit, a member of our crew will help you collect your birds with our dog. You are encouraged to bring your own retriever (please lease let us know prior to the hunt if you decide to bring your own).
  • We will then provide a ride back to the Pavilion for a hot country breakfast.
  • After breakfast, you and your group can gather for photos of your birds. We provide frozen breasted birds from the previous hunt in exchange for the ones from your hunt. Of course you are welcome to take your birds instead.
  • Please remember to bring a small cooler to keep your birds cool during your trip home.  
  • The hunting experience will typically conclude about 10:30 a.m..

Other hunting packages are available including Corporate Outings/retreats.

If you are looking for a great way to unite your employees or treat your customers, please call us for more information about corporate outings as we can work with you on setting up exactly what you need for your event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us If not, are you ready to sign up? Please go to reservations.

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