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If your web pages take too long to load, people are going to leave and not come back — especially for mobile users!

I can help you get rid of all of the clutter that is working behind the scenes of your WordPress website.

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Most Common WordPress Issues

If you are uploading images directly to Wordpess and they aren’t compressed, then chances are they are too large and they are slowing down your web page speed.

Depending on the theme and the plugins that are used, there can be a lot of extra coding added to a website and it takes extra time to process this information.

Most people simply “Deactivate” plugins instead of Deleting them. The problem with this is that some of the coding is left behind which adds to your load time.

Not all of the WordPress Themes are programmed by experts so sometimes you’re going to be using a theme that causing some confusion to the servers when it is being processed.

The images that show up later down the page are known as Offscreen images. By default, all of the images are loaded immediately when the page is requested and this can take some extra time depending on how many images there are. Using a Lazy Load option will defer those images from being loaded until the user needs to see them.

Having externalized javascript and CSS is not always a bad thing. The main downside is that when there is a new visitor, all of that information has to be called and brought back to the page. By inlining Javascript and CSS, it can decrease load time.

If a website is on shared hosting, it may have a slower load time because resources are being shared by other websites. Finding a server that id dedicated or that is WordPress friendly can help speed up websites.

Case Study

Before he hired me, I had a client that was able to drive over 5,000 new visitors to their website in just two weeks which is really exciting!

85% of his traffic was from mobile users, which is a huge amount of mobile users. When a website is not optimized for mobile, you are losing out BIG!

He also had about a 2.8% conversion from that traffic — decent, but not great…

The only problem is that his mobile website was so slow and barely functional. It took about 22 seconds for his web page to fully load on mobile devices!

Over 4,000 mobile users left the website before it even loaded!!

How devastating!

He missed out on over 100 potential conversions
because his website was really slow on mobile devices.

That is heartbreaking!

What was the solution?

– Compress all of the images and lazy-load them.

– Minify all Javascript and CSS and also Inline them both.

– Remove unused plugins that left a lot of extra coding behind.

– Enable browser caching.

– Also, their header section felt really cluttered on mobile

That would decrease their mobile load time by over 400%

Faster Web Pages


Web pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load, especially on mobile are doomed to have lower engagement and conversion.

I can show you what is slowing your site down and fix it to where it won’t keep happening.

Quick Fixes 

You may not need a deep dive into your WordPress site, but there may be some small technical issues that need to be fixed.

I can do most quick fixes in one day!

Website Coaching

Maybe you’re feeling a little techy and want to learn how to optimize your own website for conversion. We can schedule weekly calls to get you learning how to optimize your own website like a pro!

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