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My name is Stuart Briscar. I’m a seasoned digital marketing specialist based in the Greater Atlanta Area.

My desire to help others be successful is what drove me to dive into marketing coaching.


Since 1997, I have been building and marketing websites. That took me down a deep rabbit hole into the world of search engine optimization, social media marketing, media buying, and a whole long list of other digital marketing strategies.

Although my focus has mostly been digital marketing, I have an understanding of traditional marketing and how it can enhance digital marketing efforts for small and large businesses.

In 2004, I started my own digital marketing agency called Blue Burst Media where I help small businesses grow their business online through results-driven marketing strategies.


I work with business owners of small and large businesses who want to gain clarity on developing a high-performing marketing strategy that will help them grow their reach, grow their sales, and grow their business.

If you are ready to take your business marketing to the next level, schedule a free strategy call with me.



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